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The purpose of the Twin City Healthcare Engineering Association (TCHEA) is to advance the development of effective hospital engineering in the healthcare institution by:
  1. Encouraging and assisting members to develop their knowledge and increase their competence in the field of healthcare engineering.
  2. Providing a medium for the interchange of ideas among members and dissemination of information to members.


This website will be archived on January 1st 2022. This chapter has a long history and traditions. All historical documentation and Member information will still be available for you and has been moved to the updated MHCEA website. TCHEA chapter members and information has our own section within the MHCEA website.  All new member and renewal payments will be handled through the MHCEA site. All educational meetings and events will be posted on the MHCEA site and sent to you through "". 

I will be sending you more detailed information about this via email very soon. If you have any questions please reach out directly to me

Thank you, 

Eric Krause

TCHEA president


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Upcoming events

Educational Virtual event. November 18th 2021:

Capabilities of Aqueos Ozone as a disinfectant. Panel discussion. Time TBD.

December Regular Members only meeting, December 9th 2021. 

Lunch/Virtual meeting location and time TBD.

TCHEA open Executive Committee positions.

  • TCHEA (Regular Member) Vice president (3 year term)
  • TCHEA (Associate Member) Secretary (2 year term)
  • TCHEA (Regular Member) Treasurer (2 year term)

New members will be voted in during our Regular Members only 

Meeting in December. 

Please email your interest or nominations to

  • Scott Peplinski
  • Eric Krause

















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