TCHEA - Monthly Meeting

  • February 16, 2011
  • 11:30 AM - 12:59 PM
  • Fort Snelling Officers Club


Monthly Meeting - All Members

89 Fort Snelling
St Paul, MN 55111

11:30 - Lunch
12:00 - Business Meeting
  1:00 - Adjourn

Education Session:

MedCare Products

Candy Wolff
Safe Patient Handling Consultant

Minnesota Safe Patient Handling Law is affecting everyone in healthcare from Hospitals to Dental clinics.

Agenda Items:
Clarification of the two different categories that OSHA is looking at when it comes to the SPH law. 

Detail each category and what each facility needs ranging from paper work to equipment.

Define the time-lines for each section of the law and most importantly when each facility has to be in compliance with the SPH Law to avoid citations. 

Breifly discuss the installation of ceiling lifts and how this may be the answer to the space issue many facilities will face with the SPH law.

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